For people who are lost in finding their professional purpose Start The Laptop Lifestyle provides eye-opening insights into the opportunities online and gives guidance by helping them build their online foundation.

My job is not giving me financial security

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A salary always leaves you wanting for more. Start creating your own paycheck.

I never have time enough to spend with my loved ones or on my hobby.

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Create your own working hours and become flexible with your time

Commuting every day and working in an office makes me miserable.

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Work from home or anywhere you want. You only need a laptop and an internet connection.

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The Laptop Lifestyle is a lifestyle where you live life to your design.

A life that you create according to your rules, where you take matters into your hands and you decided who you want to be and how you get there. Do you feel like life has taken you to a point that just doesn’t feel right? Well, you have the decision to change course and obtain the freedom to do the things you want. It’s all about doing things in life that make you happy and give value to you and the people around you.

So how do you create a laptop lifestyle?

It’s all good and well that you can create a life where you do the things you want, but you need to do it in a way that can sustain you and your family. A way other than through a 9 to 5 job that probably takes care of it now. A way that will actually make you feel fulfilled and accomplished in life. You need to start chasing your heart’s desire.

In the online workshop that you can request below, my Mentor Stuart will explain to you how anyone is able to learn to leverage the internet and acquire the skills to create a sustainable and reliable income online.

Are you looking for more personal freedom?

I wanted to get more out of life, do exciting things, see the world, and enjoy al its beauty.

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When I became unhappy with where I was in life it was purely because of my job. I was happy with the rest of my life but the job that I was working for 10 years, 50 hours, or more per week was causing that I couldn’t appreciate the rest anymore. It wasn’t a job I picked out of interest or because it was a passion of mine. No, I picked it because I didn’t have a plan set out for myself when I was younger and it conveniently came on my path. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the job as it got me where I am now. I have a roof above my head and food on the table so you would say I would have nothing to complain about it at. But although it gave me a steady basis in life, after 10 years I just didn’t feel connected with it anymore and I started searching for something else. I didn’t know what it was I was searching for but I did know that I felt trapped in the corporate environment and that I needed to do something for myself instead of going to that same job every day, sitting behind the same desk, and let life happen to me instead of me living it.

I wanted to get more out of life, do exciting things, see the world, and enjoy al its beauty. Get confidence back in myself knowing that I was doing something that I would stand behind for 100% and that would give me joy. I always wanted to be the person that impacts the people around him and the world he is living in. Most of all I wanted to find my passion and my purpose in life.

Then something found it’s way to me that changed everything!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

J.R.R. Tolkien

The moment I learned about the digital economy and the possibilities open to me, I was shocked. I thought it couldn’t be true and was asking myself why I didn’t know about it before but when I let it sink in I knew this was my ticket out of the corporate world.

Now I’m in a position to help others like yourself to uncover these possibilities and to start their journey to create a better and more meaningful life.

When you sign up for the video workshop you will learn that the society standard of working a 9 to 5 job, 40 hours in a week doesn’t apply anymore to be able to generate a steady income stream. That you already have what it takes to set up your own business but that you just need some guidance to develop the skills needed. You will come to understand that this enables you to be financial, time, and geographically-independent.

How can I help!

Knowing all that the video workshop and the education have done for me I realized there are people out there with the same dreams I have. People who I can help with sharing my journey and offer my time to help their dreams become reality.

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Create an abundance mindset that focusses on your personal goals

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Learn the skills to create a sustainable income online!

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Anything is possible when you keep investing in learning new skills.

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Meet some successful community members who already decided to take control of their life.

I invite you to a free webinar where my mentor Stuart will tell you of the opportunities open to us in the digital economy today and how you can leverage them too.

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