Hi, my name is Roelof Hogenboom and I live in a small town in the Netherlands. I was born in May 1985 and I have grown a lot since then. I live together with my girlfriend since 2012 who I know since 2009.

We are happily not married and that suits us just fine.

We both like to travel and when we are traveling, we like to rent a car (or a bike) and discover the country instead of melting away on a beach day in day out. Well…., we may like it for one or two days to relax!

My Values

  • Integrity is number one for me. Being honest and true to yourself and others consistently is most important to stay positive as a person and to have life return positivity in the long term.
  • I’m not a judgmental person and like to think there are always 2 sides to the coin. To judge is embedded in human nature and I do catch myself doing it sometimes but I’m always aware when I do it and adjust myself consciously.
  • Respect and this is connected to not being judgmental. Always start with respect on an equal basis and do not let yourself change that by judging before you have met someone properly, or had a good understanding of someone’s actions.

I earn a living as an account manager at an e-commerce logistics company, where I try to sell our services to webshop and product owners.

I have been doing that for the last 10 years and I learned a lot there. Being one of the first employees in that company put me in a position where I could really grow with the company. I have been in several positions since.

I never chose to be in logistics though. It was not the answer on the ‘what do you want to do when you’re grown-up’ question, I just ended up in this sector at the age of 24 because I needed a job and I kinda stuck with it.

Going back to my late teens, I never really knew who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. I have always been jealous of people who did know what to do from a young age and could set out their path with that knowledge.

I struggled to find a direction in life and I felt like a victim of society.

For me it was different, I struggled to find a direction in life and I felt like a victim of society. Especially after high school, when I discovered I couldn’t do the follow-up education that I wanted because I didn’t have the right prerequisite. Which made me choose an education more out of necessity than out of choice.

When I stopped that education quite quickly, partly because of disinterest but also because I got mononucleosis, I became angry towards high school because I felt they didn’t prepare me enough for the choices I had to make in later stages of my education.

This made me a lazy teen and I wasn’t very eager to go out to find a job or a new education. I would play video games all day and didn’t think about anything else pretty much. It probably drove my parents crazy from time to time and I’ll always be grateful for their patience with me.

I knew I couldn’t keep this up forever and would have to find a job or education sooner or later. So that’s what I did and started working different kinds of jobs. From working in restaurants to working in a bar and even being a mailman for 2 years.

I even started another education in the tourism sector somewhere between all that but I guess the education system wasn’t really made for me as I stopped that about 1,5 years as well.

Eventually, I ended up in the logistics sector at the job I’m working at now. It gave me the structure in my life that I needed. I received the trust of the company to be the warehouse team leader and I had a few team members who I was responsible for. That trust and responsibility made me the man I am today as I found joy and purpose in that.

After 10 years, and several positions further, I found out that my job wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

So after 10 years, and several positions further, I found out that my job wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I felt that I could do so much more than talking to customers about logistics services and started looking around for new ways to challenge myself.

And that is why you are now on this website reading about my life because at that moment an ad came by on social media that piqued my interest. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning about online marketing being very new to it, but it quickly faded away, the more I came to understand it.

I have built this website because I want to share my journey with people like yourself and to introduce the world of digital and affiliate marketing to others. Going through this process and following the education I’m part of I truly believe everyone can build his own business and create the life that they dream of.

Since beginning this journey, I’ve come more and more understand that is my purpose I was looking for. So much so that I’m confident I can make it my main source of income.

Why, you might ask?

Well, next to earning my own income it can offer me a lifestyle I’ve always unconsciously deeply desired. A lifestyle where I do not wake up because the alarm clock is telling me to. Where I have to commute for someone else his dream and trade my time for money

No, I will wake up because I’m ready to wake up. It might even be earlier than my alarm clock demands of me now but that doesn’t matter. I will wake up because I am ready to seize the day and start working on my own dreams and passion doing it my own terms.

Who are also looking to change their lives and make it more meaningful.

In this journey, I have come to understand that there might be others who have a similar story as me. Who are also looking to change their lives and make it more meaningful. It might even be you and if I helped opening that door just a little bit for you to see that. I will take it and be proud of it.

Doesn’t that sound great? It sure does to me and I know I can have it if I stay committed and persist in doing the things I have learned on this journey.

Could you have it as well?

Definitely, yes! Will it be presented on a silver plate? Nope, nothing does in life, right?

It will take commitment and effort from you but going through this journey myself I can tell you it will open up a lot of possibilities you cannot think of if you haven’t found it first.