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Do you dream to dream? 

Or do you chase your dreams because you want to make the things that are out of reach …..reachable?

I believe that dreaming is the most wonderful thing us humans can do. 

Making things up in our conscious when day dreaming, or unconsciously when sleeping, about all the things you want to do in life. Things that you never experienced before, making up from whatever your mind conjures or from all the input you get daily from reading, watching tv, or scrolling through social media.

Dreaming of traveling to beautiful places, of living in pure freedom without anything that shackles you, or to enjoy luxurious things that are  far from what your wallet can cough up.

I myself dream a lot about being able to fly… To have pure freedom without any limitations, without any boundaries, and to be able to go where I want to. And also, to see things from a different perspective for a change.

But whether you are humanly capable to do or reach these things or not, you are able to do more than you might think. 

The things you’ve learned wrong.

In our capacity as humans, we often learn a certain mindset through upbringing, education, or by hanging out with the people we surround ourselves with.

Family, friends, or even colleagues are a direct consequence of your beliefs, what you think is true or not, and of what we think we can or can’t do.

In almost every situation it doesn’t do justice to the things we are actually capable of.

When we say ‘we cannot’ do something, that usually means we have never done that before, or we don’t know anyone close enough who has done it before so we don’t have the belief it’s possible.

Before 1954 it was thought that you couldn’t run a mile under 4 minutes. Experts said it was physically impossible and it became a bit of the holy grail of athletic achievement as many tried, but non achieved.

This was until a great athlete named Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4 minutes on 6 May 1954 which broke the belief of “can’t be done”. Although Roger had enough belief in himself to achieve this feat, others needed the belief in him to do the same.

And that happened two months later when another 2 athletes ran the one-mile distance under 4 minutes, forever breaking the illusion that it wasn’t possible. 

Now more then 65 years later almost 1400 male athletes has broken the “four-minute barrier” and has been lowered by almost 17 seconds since.

This story is a great example of how belief can really change your mindset to what is possible and set someone up to do things that seemed impossible before.

What do you really want?

So, take this back to your own situation for a minute and ask yourself. 

What is it you really want and why do you not have it? Is it really true that you cannot obtain it?

Or is the truth that you have never been in the right environment to create the right belief for what it is that you want in life?

DILTS Pyramid of logic. The answer to the question of every level can be found at the level above

I told myself I would never be able to start my own business. I thought that I was missing the entrepreneurial spirit, that I wasn’t educated enough, and that I needed a lot of money to get started. 

When you have this mindset and no people around you to tell, and maybe even more important show you otherwise it’s difficult to change it.

For me, this was until I had a big enough reason to look a bit further and dig deeper

The reason that made me go outside my comfort zone was my unfulfilling job that I worked for 10 years at the time.

It just didn’t feel right working for a boss anymore and I had the urge to do something bigger, something that was of my own making and where I could truly be myself.

And all it took was my own version of Roger Bannister in the form of a guy from Sweden who appeared before me on social media telling a story which was similar to mind and who told me he did the things that I dreamed off.

This broke the ‘I can’t do this’ mentality and I found out that all the aspects that held me back, like needing an education or a big investment, were actually not true and I could start my own online business right away.

Although he didn’t show me how to fly, I am creating the best next thing without needing wings, which is creating time, geographical and financial freedom.

Stop dreaming, start doing

If you dream of earthly things that you think are not possible, just think of Roger Bannister and know that there are more versions of him out there that are doing the things that you dream off.

Who knows, it might even be the neighbor that you don’t know that well, but it’s certain you don’t know until you go out and find out how you can do your ‘impossible’ things.

Post Author: Roelof Hogenboom

Roelof Hogenboom is a newborn online entrepreneur. Having worked for over a decade in logistics, he has recently found his passion for online marketing.

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  1. This is such a great reminder that we have to change our environment and mindset to foster those changes we want to manifest and make our dreams a reality!

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