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Why I decided!

When I became unhappy with my job, I came to the conclusion that a having a 9 to 5 job wasn't going to change that state for the remainder of my life. That realization had quite an impact as I didn't know any better than that you need that to provide for yourself.

At the same time I felt it in my hear that I wanted to achieve more in the one life that I have and not spend it commuting to a job day in day out that isn't my passion.

I asked myself the question of how I could replace my present income with something I love to do. Where I would have the freedom of making my own decisions on how I would do that and when.

Starting a business was an easy answer but how to set it up was so far out of my comfort zone and, which I thought, far from my skill set that I never pressed it further. I was in an impasse.

Then as it was meant to be I saw and ad from a guy promoting a company which could help you start your own online business and that the only thing you need is a laptop and an internet connection. It would give you total geographical and time freedom.

Impossible I thought, but my desire to have this kind of lifestyle was bigger than my mistrust in the whole idea that I did click on the ad and wound up signing up for the video workshop.

I have never come to doubt that decision as now I know the answer was in front of me every day. As theytaught me how I could leverage the internet and start my own business in multiple ways. It gave me endless possibilities and I knew this would be my escape to freedom.

The skills and knowledge I have gained in a short amount of time are simply mind-blowing. It convinced me I'm able to do this and reach my goal of earning an income while doing the things I love.

Roelof Hogenboom

It's Your Future

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